Black Death Spreading and Curing


My primary source is the information obtain from people in Europe back around the 14th century. It talks about how the disease started to spread and it affected people. My secondary source, a news story by ABCNews, is about how the disease is contagious and easily treated. It gives information about how contagious it is and how to cure it. They both relate to each other since they both talk about a “plague” and how it can affect people and spread. The Plague from the 14th century and today have a lot of things in common, but it also works differently. With the medicine we have today the plague doesn’t have the same effect anymore.

Back in the time when you caught the plague called the Black Death is being basically the end for you, your had a small chance of survival and would have most likely died. Only the strong and sturdy survived, many who survived would have some sort of scar or physical problem. It was not easy to get the plague and live long enough to get better. The plague spread fast and devastated many families. People were in fear and some would stay away from people who they thought had it. It spread across borders and it affected anyone. People had no idea how it was spread. Some thought it was a curse from god, others thought it might be from something dirty. But that was the past, today if you get the plague you would be fine. The plague still spreads and infects people to this day, but it is not as bad as it once was. It is easy to cure. When most people think of the plague they think of some super disease that will ravage the population, but that is not true. It takes only antibiotics to kill the plague. Most people who get the plague today will not have any noticeable symptoms in the long run if they get treated. The plague is no longer the super killing machine that it once was, it is so minuscule that some people don’t even know that it exists anymore. The reason this affects people in Minnesota is because the plague can get here. If the plague gets here people might be scared, but they have to know that it is nothing to be scared of, it can’t harm anyone anymore. The only scary thing about the plague is how the news may spread misinformation about it.

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