How the Renaissance Period Affects Us Today

I found an article on CNN about the renaissance, called “Tracing Renaissance art to the birth of modern banking.” This article talks about an exhibit in Florence, which shows how the Renaissance period may have been part of the creation of modern day banks. In particular, this article talks about the Medici family’s role in the creation of banking. My primary source was an article called “The Influence of the Renaissance.” This article talks about the influence of the Renaissance period on society, particularly the influence on medicine.
These two sources relate to each other because the CNN article tells us about how the Renaissance may have affected our modern banking today, and the second article tells us how the Renaissance period affected us. These two sources interested me because banks are an extremely important part of our modern society, and it is interesting to me that something so crucial today was started so long ago.
This issue is important to me as a modern Minnesotan because banks are used every day in our society. People use banks to safe keep their life savings, to transfer money, and to pay for goods and services. Without modern day banks, our society would not be as advanced as it is today.



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