Renaissance Developments in Thinking and the Need for Empiricism Today

During the Renaissance, not only the way people thought about the world changed, but the way they acted upon those beliefs changed as well. In the middle ages a certain amount of devotion to church and religion was expected. In the Renaissance a new sense of individualism came to be. This separation from religious demands allowed culture and science to flourish in a way never before seen.

How does this relate to today? Well, we now live in a country where our vice president does not only not believe in evolution, but disregards much scientific progress made in the past few years. This is important because with these new changes in the beliefs of our government, along comes the lack of funding for scientific exploration. Our country, especially our government, needs to focus on empirical study and data. Although respect for religion and religious beliefs is extremely important, separation between church and state is necessary in order to develop as a species.

The renaissance shows how extremely important empirical thinking is. Empiricism by the definition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary is, “the practice of relying on observation and experiment especially in the natural sciences.” During the renaissance there was a great leap in information regarding anatomy, astronomy, and many other areas of science. An example of this is the anatomical drawings that Leonardo Da Vinci and other prevelent artists began to produce. Leonardo Da Vinci did some of the first human dissections and was the one of the first to produce and explain accurate anatomical drawings of the human body. As scientists and philosophers came to focus on observation rather than religious or other non-empirical teachings, a new era of learning came to be. Personal beliefs became separate from what was studied in these advancements, and led to great developments that still continue to improve our world today.

Today, without funding towards scientific research provided by our government, our country and the world could suffer greatly. Climate change is an extremely relevant issue, which needed to be addressed years ago. Our own president has outwardly stated that he does not believe in this major issue that has been proven time and time again. Without an increase in government funding, not only our country, but humanity could be forced to face extreme hardship in the near future. This is only one example of a topic we know needs to be addressed. As stated by Shaena Montanari from Forbes magazine, “The greatest damage caused will be the absence of a better future, one that we will never realize.”





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