The Black Plague vs. The Ebola outbreak

Jacklyne Nsubuga

Black plague vs. Ebola outbreak

There were many diseases that occurred in the past before antibiotics were but the worst one of them all was The Black Plague. The black plague was a disease that occurred in Europe in the fourteenth century. According to Daniel Austin there were over seventy- five to two-hundred million deaths.(Apex Tribune) That was almost twenty million people in europe and almost one third of population.
The disease was later on discovered to have been caused by rodents as well as uncleanliness. This disease could have easily been prevented from spreading so rapidly and also easily cured if, antibiotics were made at this time but, due to the lack of medical knowledge as well as the knowledge of the importance of good environmental upkeep, the disease spread like wildfire.
At the time, Europe was a growing country before the disease hit. europeans were making trades and sailing the great oceans. Although trade was good, all the traveling was also another reason as to why the disease occurred. Traveling was a factor because, the more one travels, the more one is susceptible to being exposed to foreign diseases. Because the disease is foreign to the individual, it’s harder for their body to fight the disease and could end up being more fatal than it should have been in the first place.
Infectious diseases aren’t something new in our current day world. But today, they are better understood as well as easily treated/preventable due to the knowledge people have collected over the many centuries. When something is better understood, it is not likely for it to cause fear or panic in one’s life.
In our modern day world, we have medications, scientist, medical doctors, nurses as well as an abount amount of technology that help us when we fall ill. So if there was an outbreak of something, it wouldn’t be that hard to find a solution to the problem. An example of that was the Ebola outbreak that occurred in 2014-present day. (paul G. Allen) It was the most widespread outbreak of the disease in history that caused the deaths of so many people like the black plague, this disease also spread like a wildfire.
Although this disease killed so many people. it could have been way worse if we weren’t medically advanced and had many scientists ready to give aid to the ones that needed it. But because of science and medicine, Ebola was put in control by educating people on how the disease was spread as well as how to prevent the disease from further spreading. Knowing all that slowed down the rates of further contamination as well as the deaths of so many people. In conclusion, we have come a long way from the 14th century and have learned so much about the prevention of disease as well as grown our knowledge on the many medications for various diseases. In doing so, we have prevented many deaths as well as well as pre longed our living rates.


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