The Plague is still around today

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The Plague or known  as “The Black Death”reached its highest point in 1348 to 1350 and was spread through Europe by trading vessels.It is thought to have been ended by systems of quarantine. The Plague still exists today, over 600 years after the bacteria killed around 25 million people.  With cases of the bacteria being found in the united states there is no need to worry about it killing that many people thanks to modern medicine.  “New Mexico health officials today reported a case of human plague in a 16-year-old boy from Rio Arriba County. The teen is currently hospitalized for his illness.” The first case in 2016 was reported in New Mexico which resulting in no deaths, but an increase in alarm for certain New Mexico counties. Last year in 2015 four cases were reported resulting in only 1 death. This raises the fact that a deadly bacteria that killed millions of people hundreds of years ago, only kill only a handful nowadays due to modern medicine.


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