Vaccines and the Renaissance

A post by Health Impact New, titles their article – “The Flu Shot Remains the Most Dangerous Vaccine”. To summarize, the post describes the census of injuries and deaths that resulted due to a vaccine given to prevent the flu virus or in other words, your seasonally flu shot.  The charts display the given shot for the given virus, all related to the flu, and the impact that the vaccine had. Over the years we hear about the prevention that our flu shots provide, but not the devastation. Maybe there needs to be more thought to the flu vaccine before injecting it into the body.

Bring it back to the Middle Ages, the period of the Renaissance. Your Travel Guide to the Renaissance Europe, by Nancy Day gives detail into the medical world of the middle ages, specifically the Renaissance. Day talks about the lack of medicine such as antibiotics and how people were still learning about the body and human anatomy -let alone the ways to restore, and heal it. Vaccines and the Renaissance

You might wonder how these two sources relate to each other. The people of the renaissance were dedicated to learning how the human body worked, so much so that bodies were torn apart, and common aches and pains that in this day and age would be solved with ibuprofen were trialed and error with cutting a major artery in hopes to “bleed out” the illness. One might think that because of their lack of knowledge and medical technology that this could easily be solved one day in a more advanced age. However, doctors now are still giving vaccines that are harming and causing death still, today. There have been so many advances and prevention methods made today verses in the middle ages, but ignorance is still apart of our medical world. What hasn’t been researched? Why are medically trained professionals giving out vaccines without more thought into how they work in different body systems?

Those are all issues raised for me after linking theses two sources. Day explains that for people back then connected bad emotions and feelings to bad blood therefore in order to help the patient, sticking a leech or cutting open a main artery to suck or drain the bad blood out was the cure. This was simply lack of knowledge. They were preforming the same treatment methods to everyone regardless of the result. People all over the world today are receiving the flu vaccine. Yes, it helps millions of people but what about all the people in poorer parts of the community or third world countries who  do not have the nutrients in their body in order to sustain the vaccine inside them. In this case, ignorance is not bliss. The body is the most complex system and humans will always be learning about is disabilities and capabilities. Though we have come a long way, there is still a lack of knowledge when it comes to curing the body today just as much as the Renaissance.


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