Why we should be grateful for the Renaissance.

I had found a primary source on the influence of the Renaissance on today’s society. The article is called “The Influence of the Renaissance”. A couple of things that this article talks about is the printing press. Because of the Renaissance, we are now mass producing things like books and newspapers. This allows information to travel a lot faster than it did when everything was hand-written. They also mentioned how this era changed the medical field. Artists were more interested in getting to know the human body better. So with their curiosity came more discovery of human anatomy. Both doctors and artists would perform dissections to help them understand the human body more. The second source that I found was an article called “Renaissance Medicine”. This article not only explains how anatomy grew during this time period, cures and treatments also grew. When learning more and more about the human body, they were also able to learn more about what they could use to fight against the diseases. Plus, traveling to other countries and learning about new herbs and plants.


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