Has the Black Death been around us this whole time?

The Black Death is one of the most important but devastating to learn about how Europe because how it is today. Recently, scientist have found information that the Black Death may have been lurking for centuries. The Black Death is a plague that killed about half of the population in Europe in the 14th century, during the Renaissance.  I thought this was important to learn about, especially if you travel for a living or are planning on moving to Europe.

In the sources I looked at, History.com talks about the history of The Black Death and the importance of learning of what it is. This website also talks about how this was a “punishment from God” because of the sins they made and wanted to punish the people who we bad.

In DailyMail.co.uk, this Website talks about how the Black Death has been around Europe this whole time. This was found be “French scientist” by finding body part from a person who has the Black Death in the Fourteenth century.

These two websites relate because they explain the history, the importance, and the significance, but devastating it affects us in life today, and how they think that it has been around this whole time.

What raises the issue to me would be… What is you travel for a living?; What is you have visited there is the past?: What were to happen if I go to Europe now?; What if someone I know was born in Europe and didn’t move from there till now and could be affected by it?

I realized that it does not need to put my life on hold right how. I don’t need to worry about it until I hear that it has spread around to the U.S. and is it is contagious right how.


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