Mongols in History


Local of my social media contemporary issue via WordPress and the location of my primary sourcing here.

The mongols started as a small scattered group of peoples as evidence  from the WordPress article, “When Genghis Khan was born, the Mongols were just one of the many independent tribal groups in the region.” After he was born and came to age all of this was to change. The whole of Eurasia would never be the same. The earth’s population was cut by a third during the time of the Mongols conquering. This is a fact from the altered amount of carbon dioxide levels from sediment and soils dating from that time. One major hurdle in finding factual first hand information is touched upon from my primary source article, “Often based on secondary accounts and myths that cannot be attested, these divergent views usually bear scant relation to what we find in the limited primary sources on Chinggis Khan that have survived to this day.” ( Now this is relevant to current day Minnesotans due to the fact that this is a major part of history. The world could have turned out a whole lot different if it wasn’t for the Mongols and their conquering and spreading of the culture across the world.


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