The Black Plague

– Cassie Shaw

The plague out break in Russia had millions of people scared. This article takes place in current day Russia, where a young boy had caught the plague while hunting with his grandfather. He caught the plague by cutting himself with a knife that he used when he was skinning a marmot. After the young boy cut himself and caught the deadly disease, the plague, thousands of people in Russia were being vaccinated. They were getting vaccinated because they feared that they may receive the plague as well. Marmot hunting is now banned in Russia because of this incident and don’t want others to contract the plague either.


This picture is from an article named The Black Death, the Biggest Catastrophe Ever. This article explains how the black plague first came about and how many people feared of getting the plague. The black plague is passed on by the fleas that come in contact with wild rodents. Such as wild animals that carries fleas. Europe lost many people behind the black plague. Just like the article above, it explains how the young boy caught the plague in present day Russia. Still to this day, people fear the plague and you can still get the plague from wild rodents. This helps us realize that some things haven’t changed in history but the year and time period. I wonder can we use history to help with some problems that we face to day in life? Problem like the different diseases that we have now and other events that happen in life. I say this because still to this day people are catching the plague the same way people did in Europe in the 14th century. Maybe if we take our time to learn history, and learn about the different times that occurred before now, we may be able t find answers to the things we don’t know or how to fix a problem in our society.




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