The renaissance was the rebirth of Europe after the plague, and during the renaissance there was beautiful arts and articulator created by famous artist like Raphael, Botticelli, and etc. But during the renaissance the work of artist was not as famous like it is today; for example, the Chinese are becoming the most buyer of renaissance pieces. This is not a surprise that the Chinese are owning a lot of pieces from the renaissance in today modern society because chine is one of the wealthiest nation on earth right now, but this is kind of an eye changing because Europe was the continent back then where a lot of the renaissance pieces were available. Do you ever wonder why Chinese are owing a lot of these renaissance pieces? The reason why the Chinese are buying or becoming owner of a lot of these renaissance pieces because they might see the value in it maybe in the next decade or so.  Also, the other reason that Chine is able to afford these art pieces from the renaissance because their economy has blossom over century, and back then Europe was the nation in the world that had a blossoming economy. We all know that when artist are no longer alive that their the price of their work increase in value massively; for example, one of Raphael drawing, “head of a Young Apostle, is being sell for nearly 48 million dollars” (Gamerman).  By Chine buying a lot of pieces from the renaissance that might open a trade deal for Minnesota and the rest of the United States as well, and that will me amazing for us instead of have revenue going out it will be coming back in.




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