Air Pollution and Environment

Air pollution is a major thing back then, where it would cause people harder to breathe and there are some air pollution in different countries that still have that problem till this day. It has gotten better but not fully. “Air pollution are still extremely high in England, it is because Industrialization that occurred so long ago that England is able to live the way they do.” Stated Elizabeth Healy in her post. China also has had air pollution problems whose industrialization began nearly 60 years ago. In some areas of the world it is even hard to see in front of you because the air is so polluted. I also found an interesting topic about the environment. A lot of things are not going right in today’s environment, we don’t take good care of it, we throw garbage on the floor, we don’t recycle properly. That makes our water nasty and not healthy to be around that can make us sick. My two sources relate to each other because air pollution and the environment are in close domain. Some air pollution happens because we don’t take care of the environment. These two sources raise for me is I don’t like seeing our planet going to waste and seeing people not take good care of it and if we keep this up then Global Warming is coming quicker than we think. Historical Industrialization helps us understand this issue by how we react to it to help out our country for the better. “This air is full of toxic pollution”. Stated Elizabeth Healy in her post. We may not know it but the more we don’t take care of our plant, the more pollution there will be in this air that will make it harder for us to breathe.




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