Working Conditions? What Working Conditions?

Could you imagine going to work for quite literally all day, and never being able to see the light of day. Or maybe working dusk till dawn in a mill with a constant air temperature of 90 plus degrees FahrenheitThe conditions in which workers of the industrial revolution were very harsh indeed. We are talking about the people who paved the way for us here in the twenty-first century. They did their job so we wouldn’t have to. I was paging through WordPress, and found something quite funny, and quite thought provoking. It was a cartoon written in the light of the Industrial Revolution (or at least said so), and it’s statement was that of living conditions not being too bad at all. I couldn’t tell you why, but a dinosaur was lecturing a girl on the topic. The dinosaur states “… Living conditions during the Industrial Revolution were comparable to living conditions beforehand. In fact, it was crucial to the creation of the modern middle class” (WordPress). This little dinosaur was at least on my opinion a bit conservative about the conditions in which workers lived, but he was definitely onto something when he said that the era helped set up the middle class. That had gotten me thinking on the topic. It had occurred to me that I had a viewed a Crash Course short film on the topic in Jr. high school. In the film the Crash Course guys brought up a different point that I believe needs mentioning. They said “Britain’s wages were at an all-time high at roughly eleven grams of silver per day. Whereas in the rest of the world it was more like six grams, and bottoming out in India at around two grams of silver per day” (Crash Course).  This fact was significant since it represented a turning point in history in which labor started to have value to it. The workers in the filthy jobs were finally getting money to feed their families better. Plus if you were European (especially English) you were almost set, because the lowest rate in Europe was almost triple that of other places. Lastly I checked up on Twitter, and I found a grim reminder of what all of this hard work and crazy innovations had brought to the people. What I had found was a bunch of little boys who were filthy from a full day’s hard work. They were all solemn, and dark in character. It seemed as though the world had darkened when I looked upon this picture. It was dark, and cold. It reminded me of how fortunate I am, and that we get to live in a world that is as clean as it is today.  I thank my lucky stars to be here today, and to those who made this world possible for future generations. Taking the bullet so that we wouldn’t have to. 


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