Competing With Robots?

Although it might seem very far in the future, robots replacing our jobs could actually be closer than you may think. In fact, many jobs are being replaced right now. It has become a really big issue that is currently being talked about all around the world. Market Watch stated that an Apple supplier has already replaced 60,000 human workers with robots in one factory. That’s insane! The jobs being replaced now are mostly in factories, but in time that will change to a wider variety of jobs. In the near future, according to The Guardian, robots could be replacing about 6% of all jobs in the United States. By 2021, we’ll really start to see the changes beginning to take place. Six percent might not seem like much, but it could have an immense effect on unemployment.

The primary source I found was this picture of some robots in China that are eventually going to replace 1,600 workers. Another picture of some surgical robots shows us how much technology has advanced, and reminds us of all the possibilities that don’t seem too far away anymore. These robots have already done over 2 million surgeries, and will one day replaces humans altogether.

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Business Insider- Evenwin Precision Technology                                   MSN- Surgical Robots

So is this big advance in technology a good thing? Most likely, but nothing can be perfect. The big issue we have to face is the loss of jobs, which will lead to other effects. In the long run it will be beneficial and less costly, but we will run into problems that need to be addressed along the way.

In the past industrialization has come with many negative effects. It cut costs down but caused unemployment to increase, mortality rates to increase, and living conditions to worsen. I think this is similar to what could be happening here in this time very soon. The manufacturing process is going to become a lot more efficient which is going to cause the same things that happened back then to be repeated. There might be a period of time where things will get worse before they get better. Looking at industrialization in the past helps us understand all these effects and will hopefully allow us to find a way to make the process go more smoothly and help people while reducing the effects.


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