Farming Life: Then to Now

I was raised in a family where farming has been around for decades. As I sit here, I can’t ignore the fact that scientist are trying to change agriculture. Farming has been around for a long time and it has changed throughout centuries. Before the 1700’s farming was done all by hand, all around the world. Once the Industrial Revolution came in the mid 1700’s everything changed with how farmers operated their farms. In the blog post on, a teacher talks about the impact the Industrial Revolution had on farming. Since everything was done on foot, everything took a really long time. Eventually technology started to develope and people were able to produce more crops on more land with new inventions and tools-  this was the start of the Industrial Revolution (wordpress).

Last week my uncle sent me a Facebook video that was about scientist trying to change the way of farming with growing crops in a warehouse in a much shorter time (3 weeks to be exact). While this sounds good, this is going to cause a lot of issues in the future when it comes to food and nutrients. When they grow their crops, it is primarily by fluorescent grow lights – they are trying to get away from soil and few water. But here’s the problem. Soil is a key nutrient in plants and crops – they get their minerals, vitamins, and nutrients from the soil. Another issue with this is that it’s all done by machinery. Not a lot of people work in these warehouses. This eventually will leave farmers without jobs and families without an income from their land. Machines are going to take over their jobs and cities eventually will expand outward towards farming land.

In a similar article they talk about the chicago crop expansion and the way they grow their crops in warehouses. This article talks very similarly with what the New Jersey warehouse talks about. They stress about the speed of crop growth and the expenses this industry has. Warehouse farming is far more expensive than regenerative agriculture. This means that the price of these crops are going to be far more pricier than our normal crops.This article also argues that they don’t use pesticides and fertilizer unlike regular farming does. But in today’s farming, regenerative agriculture are also staying away from pesticides and toxins, they uses plants, soil and sunlight.

These two articles are very interesting, especially if you’re into agriculture. Technology is changing and the Industrial Revolution is the start of it all. The technology in the 1700’s weren’t like the big machinery now in the 21st century. I remember having conversations with family members about farm life growing-up. When my grandpa was a farmer, he was fortunate to have lots of land and machines to help him out. However, farm machines have changed since he was a farmer. My brother always talks about how the tractors now drive themselves and he just had to assist the tractor when it needs to make a turn. While warehouse farming sounds all cool-and-dandy, Regenerative Agriculture is improving tremendously and will always be the healthier way to go.


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