Immigration… it is not going away anytime soon.

Immigration has been an important topic of discussion throughout history. In today’s world, immigration is still a major subject that has divided America not only politics but in how people view others who are of a different ethnicity.

I found an article called  “Immigrants, Immigration Reform and the 2016 American Presidency” written by Stephen Balkaran on July 13th, 2016 from the Huffington Post. It explained parts of the election this past year, the impact of immigration on America, and also about how Hispanics have an impact on voting and how it can affect the future of immigration. Then, I found a website called “Chron” that had photos of immigrants that were trying to come to the U.S. There were a variety of photos about the different parts of immigration. These photos were all credited to the photographer which proves to me that they were not staged and that they are in fact a primary source. Both of these sources are dealing with immigration and what it consists of. I found that the article made me picture what the journey was like for immigrants and the photos provided real life situations to reassure what the article was saying.

I believe that all people should be given the right to live a happy and safe life and choose to immigrate to a country that can provide that. However, I don’t agree with the immigrants that come to our country and commit crimes and endanger those who were here before them. The article talks about how immigration has changed America as a whole. I have to agree with most of the points the author makes in the reading. However, the images raise another issue. It shows many people trying to enter the U.S. illegally. I have mixed feelings about this. If someone wants to come to America to change their life for the better, then I can agree with them being undocumented. However, it is hard to know the characteristics of these people and what their intentions are. 9/11 was a wakeup call to crack down on immigrants entering our country. No one wants something like that to ever happen again. I remember studying the industrial revolution and how people aspired to “live the American Dream.” Those people were wanting to escape their country for the reasons of war, poverty, job opportunities, etc. The American Dream (image of a women from Mexico immigrating) that people were striving for in the past is still seen in our world today. I personally know many people who have immigrated to America because they wanted to live a better life. For me, I had to put myself in their position and just imagine the journey they had to take to become U.S. citizens. I could never picture myself having to endure what they went through. Historically, immigration has changed over time, but now we as Americans can see the same reasons for people wanting to immigrate as others did during the 20th century.


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