Industrialization and Immigration

When I hear or see the word Industrialization I immediately think of opportunities, developed countries, and economic efficiency. Today, as well as during the United States Industrial Revolution, many immigrants also thought that and made the trip to the United states to find success or a new beginning for their family and themselves. The Industrial Revolution may have struggled in the beginning, but it created more jobs and a efficient economy, turning America into a developed Country. When people came they faced challenges and struggles before they found success. I found a good example of this in the book The Edge of Lost. The modern issue that the U.S. faces today is illegal immigration and I believe that is a major issue in the U.S. because we are much more industrialized and developed compare to other countries making us more appealing. Immigration and illegal immigration is constantly occurring because people are looking for better opportunities just like they were during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

I found  retyped letters from immigrants post Industrial Revolution. These letters were sent by immigrants who left their families behind to pursue a life in the United States and find enough success so their families could also join them across the pond. The more letters I read, the more I understood these Immigrants. These people wrote about the success they have found and challenges they have faced. I cannot fathom leaving your family behind for the unknown, they had to be desperate.

Jumping to present day in the United States, a major issue that has seemed to become more relevant after the last election is the issue surrounding illegal immigration. This issue has been intense and has grown since President Trump brought up the idea of the Trump Wall. Most illegal immigrants are coming to the united states for the same reason immigrants came in the late 1800s, they want a better quality of life and more opportunities. I understand why people would feel desperate and come to America illegally because of it’s industrialization and job opportunities, however the jobs they are taking illegally are hurting the legal citizen. This article has a lot of data that provides information that clearly shows illegal immigrants have taken jobs from legal citizens.

The industrialization of the USA has made our country more appealing because developed countries are very appealing and reliable. Historically many countries have failed trying to Industrialize, many times because small developing countries don’t have resources to industrialize. The USA was successful because of the immigrants, they came over and worked hard which helped support industrialization. Now that the USA has a supported economy, we should help support other developing countries industrialize so they can find jobs and opportunities locally instead of illegally taking the limited jobs in the United States. Illegal immigration is not an easy fix, they are immigrating for the same reason people did in the 1800s. If we help provide them opportunities, they won’t take our opportunities from us.



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