Making Work Great Again!

Could you imagine working 16 to 18-hour shifts and being told you have to come in this Saturday and Sunday otherwise you will lose your job? In china, workers are practically being forced to work for bottom dollar pay and having to work night shift constantly, going their entire shift without getting breaks and some people are even forced to stand during their entire shift. This article was posted in 2013 (Working conditions) and it discusses how people in china and Thailand are being forced to work in terrible conditions and if they stop to take a break they will be instantly fired. Most of these factories are very unsanitary and do not have drinkable water for their employees. There have been multiple locations where employees are exposed to harmful chemicals, heat, and some instances people have been badly injured. This article states that in Bangladesh, around 200 workers have died and much more have been injured in garment factories fires between June 2004 and June 2006. There were no emergency exits, people were trapped in the factories and most died in a mass panic. The same thing happened during a fire in a garment factory at the end of 2012 where 112 people were killed in Bangladesh. The worst part about working in these factors is that they are not required to give their employees contracts so they did not have to offer health benefits or overtime payment to most of their employees 

My primary source is The effects of factories on workers from social studies the USA and this source talks about how bad the effects of these factories are to their employees back in the industrialization of America and how much harm and troublesome employees endured during those harsh times. It also discusses all the deaths and injuries that happened over a large period of time in America’s industrialization.

These two sources are related because they both deal with the same problem just at different time periods. They both deal with having terrible work environment with low pay and not being able to form a union to fix it because they would all be fired immediately. Overall, both of these situations show how dangerous working in an industrial environment can be without a union to protect you.

The issues raised from these articles show how the workers are exploited, and the owners thrive by not spending the money on safe conditions and health benefits. The people working these jobs are subjected to unsanitary conditions which expose them to chemicals that have caused explosions in the past.

The improvements in modern-day factories are largely due to the safe conditions that the unions have fought for. Things like hard helmets, well-ventilated air, gloves, and safety glasses are all things that the union demands employers to provide to their employees. Before the union was devolved, workers were subjected to an unsafe working condition which often health problems or death.


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