The oil boom

The oil boom is just as prevalent today as it was in the past. So many new cars and vehicles in general rely on oil in our modern world that the motivation to get more has lead us to war. As far as today goes the oil companies seem to be so powerful that not even bankruptcy stops their careless wasteful spending habits. The fact that these oil companies are so powerful and couldn’t care less about anything besides money shouldn’t surprise anyone, because back in the early days of the automobile the companies were so corrupt that they often times had power over the law, and they didn’t follow many regulations and restriction normal businesses that weren’t corrupt had to. This ad I found shows how much influence this corruption had on the people during those times, but despite this distrust the people back then were powerless to stop the big companies responsible for this misconduct. This lack of regulation and rules seems to be true today in as well, the more money and influence an industry has the more power and authority it gains over the surrounding governments and authorities. The final thing I would look at is the fact that we went to war to obtain oil. This to me shows that the companies will stop at nothing to secure oil for the U.S. and it tells me that the world is not safe anytime we experience a shortage of supply of oil or high prices.


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