Black Death

I have always been interested in learning more about the plague. I’m not sure why I found it the most interesting out of all the topics so far but I decided to stick with it.

The first article I found on this topic was called New Details Emerge on the Black Death by Examining a Plague Victim and her Tragic Coffin BirthIn this article it speaks of a new coffin found from the 1340s, it was a women and her coffin birth as well as her children. A coffin birth is when the females dead body expels the fetus before it’s ready to come out. Their bodies where the first bodies to be found in the Liguria region of Italy to have the plague. These bodies will help researchers better understand the disease and how it traveled across Europe.

The next article I found was called The Black Death: Bubonic Plague. This article unlike the last one where they found new information, this one speaks about the history of the plague and where it started. In this case it started in China and quickly spread throughout Europe and Asia. It spoke of how fast it spread that a quote mentioned “ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise.”

Both these articles are important because the talk about the plague but they also get information for different sources. One is what has already been discovered and the other is still gaining new information.


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