Another Plague?

Now I know that it might seem crazy to think that in 2017, a day and age where we are so advanced in technology and medicine that it would be crazy to even think about something like this happening. But here’s the thing many people in this age don’t see the importance of medicine many people, when they feel like something is wrong, will brush it off and just “Think they will be fine”. In this article it shows that people that do not get treated and vaccinated will cause for mass disease to happen, this means that when one person get a cold or in this case lets say the Bubonic plague. In Madagascar, last September on of the local residents caught the 14th-century plague but many did not know, was that that man had received the plague. The man would continue to live on with his everyday life (as long as he could before he couldn’t leave his bed) not knowing that he had infected many people. That fall 71 people died and 263 have since been infected. In a city in China, one man died from the plague and they shut the entire city down no one could leave but also no could enter or leave the city but was that right? is there a better way to prevent such things? The Mayo clinic actually says it’s easy to prevent disease from entering a country or in less scale just you yourself getting sick. Mayo tells us to always be in contact with your doctor even something as flying to Mexico might require certain shots to be able to go down there safely and be able to have fun you dont want to be stuck in a hospital down there your entire trip. Wash your hands this is a huge one many people do not understand As one of the mayo clinc staff puts it “This is especially important before and after preparing food, before eating, and after using the toilet. And try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands, as that’s a common way germs enter the body.” So how does this relate to the plague in the 14th-century if they would’ve had the knowledge of washing your hands to keep germs off of you or to not do any trading when the plague was around this could have saved many people’s lives



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