The Black Death

I have been learning a lot in these few weeks in this history course . One historic learning experience is about the black plague, also known as black death. Today I will be telling you all about it!

This disease that attacked Europe in the 19th century ,at this time Genoese trading ships took shore in the Sicilian port of Messina. The crew on those ships brought on a deadly virus that would soon be a historic time for a disease that killed so many people at that time. This plague was very contagious and horrific if you were around anyone who had this , you would been expose to one of the most deadliest virus at its time . Some of the symptoms of the plague were: fevers, chills, aching, and large boils on the skin. Caitycakes Blog

The black death took 1 out of every 2 people’s lives, there is still disease today with the same side effect. Bustle pinterest
Was Ebola Behind the Black Death?
We now live in times where doctors have learn so much more on these types of systems and how to treat them before they get in a stage that leads to death in most cases .       Back then doctors were pretty much in the dark when it came to sickness , and diseases. No one knew exactly how to treat them , they were also limited to supplies , and resources on the knowledge to treat these type of serious viruses. The people of this town were dying in a fast rate were they had to start burning the bodies of the people that were infected and had died from the black death plague.

Some sources say that the Ebola virus had some similarities to the black death virus. Which that virus was also a deadly virus that started to spread in a very fast rate. One simple flight from another country to here in the United States almost caused epidemic . The team of specialized doctors was able to get rid of this virus and only had a few deaths from it rather then millions like the black death did in it’s time of the 19th century.
As the times have past , we now as humans have came along way with dealing with these types of deadly viruses . It is as simple as just making a doctor appointment and having a regular check up and making sure of getting certain immunization shots . It is said these shots will help preventing the harsh effects, and or keep you from contracting any of those viruses that it said to help fight against. We as minnesotans live in a extreme seasons , our seasons tend to change and can reach wind chill to -70 fahrenheit to 115 fahrenheit . In which can bring on cold like systems and in some cases the flu . The flu can be deadly to the weak , and elderly people as their immune system is not as strong as the younger generation. The medicine availability  has came a long way in helping to prevent these types of viruses  or at least help fight them off and give your body’s immune system a boost to  help in the ease  of the systems that may occur.


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