The black death

http://pr zine/2015/04/20/gerbils-responsible-rats-black-death

The black death is an historical calamity in Europe. It has long been the assumption that the black  rats were fully responsible for the plague pandemic in Europe between the 14th and 19th centuries. The above link leads to an interesting publication which makes me to  argue that pointing fingers to the black rats for the pandemic is unfair. Indeed  there were other causes according to the latest research. Rats were partially or not part the black deaths.  According to the research conducted, it was established that global climatic changes particularly in Asia continent had a direct impact on Europe as far as the plague pandemic was concerned. Analysis by researchers found that the wet springs and warm summers in Asia had a strong influence on the prevalence of the gerbil (Asian giant rodent) which was responsible for the direct transmission of plague from Asia to Europe after an interval of 15 years. I tend to rely on the data obtained by researchers as my primary source and the photographs  on the article as my other primary source. These sources are related to each other in that they show a clear distinction between the black rats and the gerbil. The article raise one issue to me that without proper research, people may be subjected to wrong information for long periods as the case for  rats which were believed to have caused the plague while in fact research has brought in other contributory factors. It also raises an issue of data reporting whereby historians and medics rely on shallow information to draw conclusions on various subject which require cause and effect. It cautions the writers, the readers and the general public not to point fingers at some individuals or other animals without concrete data which has been undertaken by professionals. The rats might have partially contributed to the plague but not fully responsible. Minnesotans have something to learn from the publication that any climatic condition they undergo for instance, snow, is not their own making but is as a result of global climatic changes in other continents   which has a direct bearing on Minnesota. The issue sounds an alarm to Minnesotans to take part in global activities bearing in mind that a mess in one continent can directly affect the people of Minnesota. It is not only environmental matters, issues relating to international is equally important. Insecurity in middle East for instance is a threat to Minnesotans and that triggers total co-operation  among neighbors. The final issue to Minnesotans is to encourage them update themselves with the recent research  findings for there might be changes over data relating to a past historical or scientific event. It is generally known that rats cause plague and somehow the black death reports were based on assumptions not credible investigations. This raises the point that further research can invalidate an historical fact and its the responsibility of the people of Minnesota to be on the watch for there might be a chunk of misleading information or outdated ones held as facts over the years . It time to look hang on updated data from credible sources .



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