Careful! The Black Death Still Exists

Even though The Plague wiped out over 1/3 of Europe and is rare today, the plague still lurks around on planet Earth. After a period of 2 to 6 days, symptoms such as severe fatigue, migraines, shaking/chills and fever appear. The infection can also infect the blood and lungs, and is transmitted from animal to person, and person to person. There is still no true vaccine for the Black Death unfortunately.

The three types of plague is Bubonic, Septicemic and Pneumonic. Pneumonic plague is by far the worst type because it kills faster than the other forms of the plague. Once a disease/virus/bacterial infection shows itself to the human population, I don’t think it ever truly goes away.

Is The Plague Still Lurking?

Do People Still Catch The Plague?



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