China’s ‘Dying’ population

In the earliest of China’s history, more was good. This was especially the case with children as more heirs to the family. But in the current era after certain laws and regulations, The Chinese population is slowly dying. Let me give some backstory to this before we get to the issue at hand.

According to Discover Magazine, there are approximately 16 million individuals today, who are direct descendants of Genghis Khan. When I say direct I mean that this is a straight line that is connected only through father to son. The reason this is really just astonishing, is due to the fact that there are over 30 generational gaps between the generation today, and the generation of the Great Khan. That is almost a 850 years difference! Most of this population is based in china and in Inner Mongolia. This Empire forged by the Great Khan effectively took over most of Asia major and Europe. in this matter their ruling methods took over all of the previous method or incorporated them into their culture, which means that their systems, cultures, and ideals put in place some major influences that changed their entire culture.

It is really ironic that China has one of the largest populations in the world, and that their mortality rate is going up, and it is negatively affecting their economy because they don’t have enough work force to support the elderly. In Early Chinese history and in many others having more kids meant more wealth. This gradually lead to overpopulating the land, and eventually to a ‘1-child policy’. ” ‘In traditional Chinese culture, more children meant more prosperity, so the traditional household would hope for more children, but the one-child policy has played a role in affecting that,’ “. This comment was stated by a Chinese professor in CNBC’s article of the population issues. What this means for me is that all parents would have one child and then cannot have more. A good solution to the population problem right?

The answer in my opinion is ‘No’, and here’s why. In Asian culture, they are an extremely patriarchal culture, so the male leads the family. This was prominent in the Mongolian era, in which Genghis and his 4 sons, his 4 “legacies”, conquered almost all of Eurasia. There is a huge emphasis on male children over female children, and this was due to the fact that the males did all the work and labor, and went to war. In the current era it is the same, except that instead of war as the main focus it is working for income, their male ‘dependency’, if you will, is still an issue to this day. So what does a patriarchal system do with “one child”?  They have a son. They ALL have sons. With simple math, we discover more males equals less females, and with a 1 child policy this means a dying population. The Chinese have addressed this with a “two child” policy, but even this is not going to solve the issue of China’s population.

China’s issue isn’t easy to solve, and I can’t say I have a good answer to it. but it needs to be solved somehow, and I feel one step they have taken is migration which not only affects Minnesotans, but also the rest of the world. I feel that this solution is good, but it can only last so long, especially since it is a voluntary change and not a forced change. They have a lot of options, and I feel it is going to take them a long time to find an appropriate solution.


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