Chinese Propaganda

We saw how prevalent the propaganda usage was in Red Azelea, especially considering it was a propaganda play/film that the book was titled after.  I wanted to look into if and how propaganda is used in China today.  I found this tweet by Associate Professor at Cornell Jessica Chen Weiss.  In the tweet she references this recent propaganda video from China.  CNN got a hold of the original video and posted it along with a translation.  The video is a propaganda film warning about the United States.  The video covers a whole host of issues that it claims can all be traced back to the “stars and stripes”.  This video is important to every Minnesotan.  As citizens of one the fifty states, we are considered in any attacks made against our country and we should be especially considered of those attacks made through media in the digital age we live in.  We look at the impact propaganda had in Red Azelea and really consider how we are still affected today.




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