Justice Demands Retribution

To ignore a crime is to become an accomplice. The Red Guard were a group of students that fought for Mao’s revolution and caused havoc toward civilians that were accused of being against the revolution. Destroying and burning old temples only to be replaced with teachings of Mao. Resulting in ancient text and scripts of China’s history to be burned away. While the Red Guard continue to cause chaos throughout the cities and continued to threaten civilians the police did not act or stop the Red Guard

The police were under orders from Mao to not interfere with the Red Guard. Only when Mao realized the Red Guard Could not be controlled and had to send them to the farms to prevent more damaged in the cities. According to Selected Works of Mao Zedong, Mao stated in this telegram that the People’s Liberation Army was not only a fighting force but at the same time had to be a working force. Under certain conditions it would function mainly as a working force. This policy played an important role in solving the cadre problem during the revolution in the new Liberated Areas and in ensuring the smooth development of the people’s revolutionary. The tasks of the armed forces were to be used as tools to eliminate the bourgeoisie and reactionaries. Stating in the telegram, “If our cadres cannot quickly master the administration of cities, we shall encounter extreme difficulties.” All cadres were task to learn how to take over and administer cities. Resulting in the armed forces to act more as a working force and be a tool for the government.

Modern Day, Xinhua News states, Chinese President Xi, discusses the role of supervision and how it can be reformed. Preventing force confessions, and protecting human rights. During the meeting, the leading group ordered intensified efforts to prevent forced confessions and illegal collection of evidence. Stating it is important in punishing crimes in accordance with law, safeguarding human rights, and preventing wrong verdicts. It is important for those to take responsibility and declare a fair trail with equal rights. Without a proper trial, false accusations would be made and it would be no different during the cultural revolution.

This issue is important for Minnesotans because justice and human’s rights should be protected. Despite the crimes that are held to an individual they still have rights that should not be taken away. Trials should be done fairly and accurately so no false assumptions can be made. Nor should actions be ignored or forced on an individual.


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