Cultural Revolution and Foxconn


Mao’s cultural revolution has ended but what were the actual affects on modern day china.  Mao’s revolution promoted literacy, vaccines and gender equality.  However such changes did not occur in china without some major set backs.  China faced massive famine, deadly working conditions, and a totalitarianism social system were if ever your loyalty to the party was questioned you could loose everything.  Truly there were dark times.  Things are better in china now, but the haunting memory of what happen is still fresh in their minds.  So how does this affect modern china.  It makes for an overall lower quality of living, meaning china’s populace are more then willing to deal with a less then ideal situation now then risk going back to those darker days.

A great example of the lower standard of living is the Foxonn factories in china.  The Foxconn factories were plastered all over the news a few years ago. Why?  Foxconn’s working conditions were so deplorable that they had a sever rise in suicides among their employees.  Foxconns’ solution was to install suicide prevention nets on the sides of its factories.  The workers at Foxconn are paid very little so they have to work constant overtime just to pay for food, dormitories, and taxes with very little left for savings. Foxconn is not the only factory in China there are many factories in china that have these deplorable working conditions but missed being fingered by the media.  All inforation on Foxconn was provided by an article on wordpress. Why do the Chinese people stand for it? Why don’t they unionize or strike or even find better jobs?

We American’s have had a very gentle resent history.  With only the paranoia of the cold war and 9/11 to taint it, we have it pretty good.  China has not had a gentle history. in the cultural revolution it was plastered with propaganda such as this photo posted on pintrest, depicting two workers with their red guard books showing how loyal they were to their countries economic growth. what happened to the chinese that didnt show their commitment to their country’s economic growth why don’t you ask them. o wait, there are not any.

The affects of Mao’s revolution can still be seen today in the passive and willing submission of its people to an abusive economic system.  A System were it’s people choose to work at Foxconn because it is better then other jobs in China.



“Understanding Foxconn.” N.p., 5 Mar. 2011. Web. 21 Apr. 2017.

Chinese Culture Revolution


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