Internet Censorship in China

I always remember my cousin, who  lived in Hong Kong talking about the cool things he got to do on his computer. And he was usually the one who showed me things like Myspace or when Facebook first came out that as well. Now I remember him saying in a off hand manner one time he mentioned how nice our internet was compared to his at home because Chinese government censored internet was bad usually so he had to log into dutch or German servers but of course only spoke English and some Chinese. Censorship in China can be seen in big numbers at the beginning of the fifties with the cultural revolution. China in an attempt to control the information and knowledge taught to their children and civilians . More recently relevant is the social networking site Facebook has made a push to become legal in the peoples republic of china. They developed an algorithm that can be set up to restrict and push certain materials and topics on the page.  With all the stories recently about all of the fake news stories on Facebook that may or may not have influences our presidential race. As a Minnesotan do you think that censorship could be good on Social Networking  for weeding out fake news or would it be misused for misinformation and misdirection of the people?

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