Maoism in India

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In India, Maoist rebels are still very active as they killed 24 Central Reserve Police Force policemen in Chattisgarh, India. There are many Central Reserve Police Force personnel are deployed there to counter the Maoist rebels, and not all is peaceful. The attack reportedly took about 300 Maoist rebels to complete the successful killing. In response the attack, extra Central Reserve Police Force personnel have been sent there to step up the security.

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Maoists, whom are also known as Naxals in India, are inspired by the political philosophy of China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong. They claim that they’re fighting for the rights of poor farmers and landless labourers. Some estimates suggest Maoist rebels could number up to 40,000 people. Government data reports shows about 8,000 people have been killed by the Maoists rebels between 2001 and 2012.

This raises the issue of terroristic attacks for me. In the age of terroristic war, this is a=exactly the kind of things to watch out for. And this can affect anyone worldwide as terrorist attacks are known for being able to happen anywhere, anytime, so even as a Minnesotan, this is still a bit threatening


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