Pollution Due to Industrialization

Air pollution has been an ongoing problem around the world. After many years, people began to realize that we caused pollution. Eventually leading to many topics on what we can do as a society to help reduce air pollution. Some of those solutions are great, but what I have noticed, one of the biggest contributing factors to air pollution happens to be industrialization. Industrialization has been amazing for some countries helping their economy rise greatly. However, economies like China, while it is doing very well, the people are suffering from the pollution that was caused by industrialization. It has been noted that “In China, an estimated 1.6 million people die prematurely each year from air pollution.” Things are not much better in India either, due to so much pollution, there is a lot of fog obscuring the view throughout New Delhi. Even with it being noted that air pollution is causing many deaths in other countries and is affecting the health of the population, India is still currently industrializing. India is more focused on economic growth than they are for the health of the people. Quickly allowing India to become one of the top affected countries by pollution. The air pollution in India has become so bad that the “benefits of cycling get erased after just 30 minutes”.

Both my secondary and primary source discuss how the air pollution is affecting countries, and that the air pollution is due to extensive industrialization. Each article relates to one another because one speaks of China being the worse for air pollution but is shortly followed by India, while the other discusses how India is quickly leading to be the top due to still industrializing.

Historical industrialization helps us understand the issue with pollution due to all the health problems that had arisen after the Industrial Revolution began. With the original Industrial Revolution came the discover of things such as acid rain due to all the smog and soot being released in the air. London had roughly 4,000 deaths over just a few days after! With such detrimental results of pollution due to using coal in the Industrial Revolution, I think it has helped current countries move further away from the use of coal. By moving further away from coal I believe it helps reduce the health impacts from pollution.





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