China’s Non-Stop Censorship

Since the birth of the internet China’s Communist Government has been continuously censoring and monitoring what their citizens can and cannot view.  Their goal is to obliterate anything that goes against their Communist beliefs and to maintain China’s cultural heritage. Also China wants to minimize any efforts to challenge the preexisting government. In order to for China to censor the country’s entire they created a massive firewall. According to Time Magazine, “Technology known as “the Great Firewall” blocks web sites on an array of sensitive topics”. This “Great Firewall” is only feasible through an overwhelming amount of workers scavenging the web. It is estimated that there is,     “An army of maybe as many as 250,000 censors who can very quickly after articles are posted on the Web can take them down or make them inaccessible” (The Connectivist). This army is necessary to monitor China’s 650 million internet users. This shows the extent the Chinese Government will take to protect their power hungry rule over this ancient nation.

Both of my sources discuss China’s unfair censorship across the nation. They relate to one another because one talks about a brief overview of this problem and the other goes more in depth about the effects this has on the country.

This censorship can be traced back to the start of Communism in China. If Mao Zedong were alive today he would approve of this over powering monitoring and would more than likely strengthen what already exists today. For people who live in an unrestricted internet location, like Minnesota, all this censorship seems absurd. That also makes this issue highly interesting to people who have never experienced “the Great Firewall”.,8599,1885961,00.html


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