Medical Advancements

My first source goes over a broad description of the Black Plague as we know it today from our contemporary terms. Describing what the disease was, its three different forms, how it was transmitted, how the plague affected our bodies, and more general descriptions covering almost everything about it. 

My second source also gives some contemporary background information however, near the end of the source it shows multiple primary sources between 1347- 1380 such as diaries, books, and letters. The primary sources are very short but briefly open the door to a storm from the past showing peoples reactions to and thoughts of the Black Plague. 

My two sources relate because they are both about the Black Plague. Some of the information from the modern source talks about how the people of the time dealt with the plague and the primary sources confirm it’s claims showing writings of people explaining how the attempted to deal with it. The primary sources also talk about how they attempted to dispel the plague from their bodies while the modern source explains the only actual cure to the plague which the people of the time had no idea about. 

These two sources combined can’t help but make you uneasy at the thought of what if another disease that just started killing people by the millions came along  again and we had no idea how to cure it. The only way the world was able to legitimately combat the Black Plague and almost eradicate it once and for all was the advancement in medical technology. Antibiotics is the only real way to cure the disease. Medical advancements is one of the only thing which can truly guarantee our future survival. 

This issue concerns Minnesotans just as much as it affected Europe in 1357, the starting year of the outbreak. There has been a lot of controversy in regards to healthcare within the United States lately. Plague and diseases are one of the most unpredictable killers of all time, they can come out of almost anywhere and have devastating effects if not swiftly taken care of. Minnesotans need to take health care more seriously as it is one of the only things that can secure our future.  The future is our families and our own health. Knowing our future candidates stances on healthcare is definitely something that is worth taking into consideration with our future elections. We control our medical advancements, and through this, we control our future. 

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