Black Death

I was looking on Pinterest, scrolling through pins based off of the Black Death. I came across an article called “Was The Black Death a Virus?”. After reading this article, it goes into the effects of the black death. There was high mortality rate, it spread very quickly, easily infectious, there were “awful odors, bruise-like splotches and disrupted nervous systems that resulted in delirium and stupor.” This article explains Black Death but compares it to other illnesses such as modern-day bubonic plague, and buboes which have little similarities to Black Death itself. It points out that the disease came from fleas off of rats which infected humans and therefore spread. But looking at the spread across the world it took, the fleas should’ve died in the cold months, in which the migration of the infection doesn’t show. The article points out how a tumor back in that day, wouldn’t be the same definition of a tumor in modern-day health. So it makes me question: Was this a illness that occurred once and we didn’t correctly diagnose it? Or could it still be around because we were as intellectual back in those days? Or, could it simply be the same bubonic plague we have today, we’ve just grown to defend against the virus better?

This ties into another article I read from ABC news called, “Yes, the plague still exists, here’s what it’s like now in the US”. The news goes in to the fact of these children getting the bubonic plague, but being easily treatable with antibiotics. They state that the plague isn’t as severe, being deadly, as it use to be, and is treatable. Saying that there won’t be “another black death”. It also covers data showing the decreasing bubonic plague cases over the past few years.

After reading both of these articles, I noticed that the second one gives an answer to one of my questions. “Could it simply be the same bubonic plague we have today, we’re just grown to defend against the virus better?”. This article supports the idea of it is the same virus, we’re just in better health and therefore we won’t struggle as badly fighting against the illness as they did when the Black Death went around.

Though the second article makes a point that this virus isn’t common, it’s still dangerous and still around even after this many years. This could be a concern for Minnesotans. What if the bubonic plague hits Minnesota? No it wouldn’t be sudden death for anyone, but with the weather we receive it might not help getting the normal winter sickness, with a splash of bubonic plague on top.




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