Bryant Ave History


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This exhibit shows the geography of Bryant Ave and how it has changed over time and how the history of Bryant Ave has shaped and form it to be what it is today.

 Bryant Ave is a street located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am going to be talking about Bryant Ave Street and the history associated with it. I am going to include history that ties into school and home life.”Originally known as South Dodge Street School. The wooden structure was built in 1869 along Wilde and South dodge and it was renamed as Bryant on December 23, 1889″ (Randolph). It was named South Dodge Street School because of where it was located geographically but was renamed after a romantic poet by the name of William Cullen Bryant (Randolph). I’m going to be talking about the history that surrounded this street from 1920-1930. In the middle of the 1920’s Bryant Elementary school adopted the platoon organization which offered students in grades four through eight some classes focusing on specific areas of academics, some of which were taught by teachers specializing in those fields. Bryant was the first building to incorporate this plan, with a library-reading room, music room, art room, industrial arts, sewing and cooking rooms and a gym. The population of the school boomed in the 1920s. In 1926 a new building was being built by Bryant Ave Elementary. In 1930 the first kindergartners enrolled in their new school. There is also a library built and named after the street. It’s called Bryant Library. In December 1924 trustees of the Roslyn Neighborhood Association Library vote to merge the Neighborhood Association library with the Bryant Circulating Library Association. A teacher later said recalling 1923, “I shall never forget my first day at Bryant. We moved in after coming back from a vacation around spring and we were really excited for the new building”

(Maia Eisen). The teacher was describing the excitement she had for working there because it was a challenge everyday. She would have to be in a crowded place with other instructors and they would often lose all their papers and find them weeks later. “In February of 1926, construction of a new brick building was began and completed August of that year” (Maia Eisen). It was designed by a architect named Floyd Naramore and the new Bryant Elementary school is said to have a Georgian style architecture. The reason I believe my sources connect with thesis is because in my first main source I use a lot of information from the school by directly quoting from the article about the infrastructure and remodeling of the school as well as the library named after the street. In my secondary source I talk about the history of the school and the title it has had beforehand due to its geography.

School:  Bryant Elementary school (1920-1930)

Library: Bryant Ave Library (1920-1930)

2 Main Sources:

Eisen, Maia. “History.” History – Bryant Elementary School, 1989,

2 Secondary Sources:

Randolph W. Lyon. “Bryant Elementary School.” Encyclopedia Dubuque. June 26, 2010. Carnegie-Stout Library Foundation. Accessed on August 12, 2015 at < Elementary School>.

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