The Walker Art Center

Chase Wilson

Final project


With new programs every year attracting more than 400,000 people annually with 70% of those people getting to experience The Walker Art Center for free it’s no wonder why this exhibit demonstrates that the Walker Art Center is the hub for college students in the area taking Art classes. When I was taking Visual Arts last semester and we were assigned to visit an Art center in the area there was no question in my mind that I was going to the walker art center not only is it filled with some of the most iconic pieces like the sculpture “Spoonbridge and Cherry” and the oil painting “Lucretia”, but It offer lots of free visits so for college kids like myself that is a huge factor that plays in. The Walker Art Center has evolved over the past 100 years for a privately-owned collection to an internationally recognized institution. I will be focusing on the last fifty year from 1968-present day. The reason I chose the time frame I did was so that I could talk about me personally going to the Walker Art Center and I could fit in the building being built and expanded. Even though Walker Art has been around for over 100 years the building only opened in 1971 and then was expanded in 1984. the reason I chose The Walker Art Center’s website as one of my sources is because their website easily navigated, they are humble and unbiased, and this is what I used to decide I was going to do my art project there. They have picture of most if not every piece that is there sometimes there are traveling pieces also all the hours, prices and events are on the site making it easy for a college student to plan when they want to go whether they want to plan to attend one of the free days or just go when they please. I chose the Spoonbridge and Cherry as one of my sources because being built in 1985 it fits right in on my timeline and I think that the piece attracts people from all age groups including college students. The spoonbridge and cherry weight a cumulative of 7000 pounds. Other than the Spoonbridge and Cherry, my other primary source is a newspaper article published in 1976 that tells the story of a man visiting the Walker Art Center and telling stories about how fascinated he was. My last source is the Minneapolis website I chose this as one of my sources because its well structured and has really good information about the Center as well.


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