Razing of Sharei Zedeck

This exhibit demonstrates that the Jewish Orthodox is expanding their population by their renovated and thriving synagogue in Minnetonka despite of their hardships of their demolished synagogues in North Minneapolis on Bryant Avenue and their relocation on Morgan Avenue.

Sharei Zedeck synagogue which was also known as “Greener shul” (green synagogue, was established during the immigrant era. Those who represented the synagogue during the immigrant era were also called the “greenhorns.” Orthodox Jews fled their homelands in Israel. They found their ways to Minneapolis as they found jobs in their community of business fabrics. Sharei Zedeck synagogue was the last Orthodox in Minneapolis during the immigrant era. Before 1920, it was originally called Bet Ahron. The synagogue was located on on 726 Bryant Avenue North. In 1936, the synagogue was demolished to make room for Sumner Field housing project, a community for African Americans.

Later that year, they built a new synagogue on 1119 Morgan Avenue. An architectural firm even designed the new synagogue to be green since the nickname decided to stay within their community. They also had a new nickname, “Morgan shul.” In 1969, Sharei Zedeck sold its synagogue to Missionary Baptist Church. This forced Sharei Zedeck to merge with another synagogue that goes by Gemelus Chesed that was located in St. Louis Park. In 1973, both synagogues combined their names to Sharei Chesed Congregation. The two legendary Rabbis from each synagogue, S.I Levin (Sharei Zedeck synagogue) and George S. Sektor (Gemelus Chesed synagogue) successfully led the new Congregation.

Essentially, Sharei Chesed Congregation relocated to a new home in Minnetonka, 2008 and is now thriving because of their community center, Shabbat programs, their religious services, and children’s opportunities to attend school that are lead in English and Hebrew. Their spiritual leader currently is Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui.

S.I Levin, who led the Sharei Zedeck Synagogue and the merged Sharei Chesed Congregation for more than sixty-three years. Was acknowledged to be one of the highly and respected dean of Minneapolis Orthodox rabbis. He was also a writer for the Hebrew journals and was also a founder of the Minneapolis Federation and the Jewish family and Children’s Service. He died in 1984.

In conclusion, all my sources indicate that renowned synagogue Sharei Chesed is quite successful because of their beautiful and Modern location in Minnetonka. Regardless of the difficulties the Jewish Orthodox had to endure when Sharei Zedeck was razed on Bryant Avenue and the selling of their synagogue on Morgan Avenue. Sharei Chesed Congregation is among one of the best and well respected religious institutions here in Minnesota.


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