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Clara Barton School

 Maryama Ali 

Minnesota History 

Jack Norton 


For the Bryant avenue project, Clara Barton open school has changed and improved throughout time, in year 1980through 2000 student who were going to Clara Barton were white students. Before blacks were not allowed to go to white children school. Going to School in Black and White offers unique opportunities for deepening our understanding about implicit biases and stereotypes by relating personal experiences to shared systemic concerns. Barton represents progress in the effort to increase racial and cultural diversity in the classroom.  

My first articles show the growth and improvement of the school and how time can improve and teach people to change things so the school can be a good environment where anyone can learn. It shows the schools achievements and them accomplishing their goals of making their school a better place.” About half the school is white and one-quarter is Somali, and staff said families ranging from American Indian to Somali are attracted by the school’s word-of-mouth reviews, community ties and progressive education”. 

Diversity is important for student a recent study in the journal “Child Development” found that students feel safer in and out of school when they have a diverse education. Learning about different cultures allows students to become comfortable with cultural difference across social groups and comfortable with themselves; leading to a deeper sense safety and self-confidence.  

Also, Clara Barton school start having Diversity classes, Because When students are given the opportunity to work with a diverse group of peers, or with topics that discuss diversity, they can confront stereotypes and discover similarities with their classmates. 

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