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Laura Ingalls Wilder Impact

Thesis: Even after the death of Laura Ingalls Wilder, her life and writings still impact people of all ages to this day. 

Laura Ingalls’ affect through her writing:

Resource 1:

Resource 2:

Resource 3:

Through the links of her impacts through writing, we can clearly see actual people’s take how Laura Ingalls Wilder impacted them and their life. They show how Laura Ingalls Wilder, character and person, showed them how to live and who they wanted to be themselves. Even to this day, her writing impacts children who are just beginning to read about her life and elderly people who have known about her their entire life. 

Laura Ingalls’ affect through her life story: 

Resource 4:

Not only are people affected by her writing her entire life, but they are affected by simply just her life in general. This link, for example, shows a girl who has been impacted by how Laura lived her life and what she did that made her successful in who she became. This shows that not only do people realize the significance in her writing, but also the meaning of her entire life and that she didn’t do it just for show and to be famous one day, but instead to help people in the future and live the best life that she could. 

Laura Ingalls’ writing career: 

Resource 5:

Resource 6: 

Lastly, the story of her writing career and what she did to achieve her success also is a major impact for other people trying to be successful, and mostly other writers. Knowing how Laura achieved her dream is a major impact to people, and me, that even coming from so little, you can achieve so much. So, these links also show the impact Laura made that it was not just her life that impacts people, but also her career and dream of being a writer and how she achieved that impacts the people that encounter her story. 



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