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Medieval Medicine

When I was on Pinterest I was this picture of a man with black fingers with the caption, “Paul Gaylord will lose his fingers after he contracted the black plague while attempting to rescue a choking cat”. I clicked on the pin and found out he would be getting his fingers and toes amputated. His cat had a rat stuck in its throat and he decided to take it out with his hand. When he went to the doctor they believed he had cat scratch fever. He went to the doctor again after he got worse and his organs began to fail because of being misdiagnosed. They dug up his cat since it died and tested it for the plague, which came back positive. He was intensive care and had to change his lifestyle to make sure it’s not a threat to his weak immune system.

I also found a journal and some manuscripts from the medieval times about medicine and treatments. The manuscripts mentioned how they would diagnose someone by reading pulses and urine. They also made comments about changing one’s diet

Today urine and pulses are still taken when you go to the doctor even for a checkup. Even then dietary advice was given and being told to make life changes that probably weren’t practised before. Paul had to clean and rebuild his house to make sure it would not damage his weak immune system in the future.

Minnesota is next to the west side so it can be a concern for us and also because of travelling. Minnesotan’s have lots of pets too, so what happened to this man could happen to us. Something innocent like saving our cat.

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