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Minneapolis and the people

The city of Minneapolis cares for its residents though project to improve the standard of living as seen on the street of Bryant avenue. In 1974, a map was made to show the public housing units from 1952-1974. On the list of buildings towards the right on the map, the Glennwood apartments are listed and show that they are built on Bryant avenue. When compared to a modern day property map, I found that the streets and highways stay where they are but building are either not longer standing or re-purposed. This is the case for the Glennwood apartments. The Hennepin property maps give the details of market values on Hennepin county buildings. When taking a look into residential buildings from Bryant avenue north and Bryant avenue south, there is a multiple thousand dollar differences. While the city builds, destroy or re-purpose a building for either companies or apartments, Minneapolis also undertakes improvement project. In 2011, the city launched the Byrant avenue bike way project. The projected improve bike ways and paths that run along Bryant avenue. Photos can be seen here of the project. Most recently the city of Minneapolis took an unprecedented step of becoming landlords of residential rental housing. A rental house on Bryant avenue was remodeled by Minneapolis to be rented to tents who were about to be homeless till the city stepped in. The Star tribune has an article about the project. This project has taken a older residential home that has a lower property value and has been remodeled to boost its market value. Through projects the city has funded, Minneapolis finds what they can do to help and benefit their residents.

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