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Renaissance Art and Artist

This WordPress is a great source for Renaissance Artwork and artist because it is run by Melissa Hall from Westchester Community College. Melissa has a PhD in Art History from Binghamton University. She teaches Ancient to Medieval, Renaissance to Modern, and Art Since 1945. She has received a great sum of awards and has published/presented a few things too. Her WordPress page is set up as a classroom. I think she uses it to teach her students Art History. There are pictures of original pieces of art from Renaissance artist. The textbook explains the significance of the artwork and what was being expressed. The book talked about the technique and the impression of some of the great artist. It talks about their contribution to the art world and why it’s important. One of the major contributors to the Proto-Renaissance Giotto di Bondone. He was known as the father of Renaissance and change the way people saw and did art. The chapter was reflecting on Giotto and the society of the time.

Italy was said to still be trading with the Byzantine Empire. Many could see that their artwork was similar in color scheme. Gold could be depicted in many of the artwork from Byzantine and Italy. Many of the artists before Giotto seem to have gotten their inspiration from some of the Byzantine artwork that made there way into Italy. Giotto broke off from the Byzantine way of art.

 Another article gives a few reviews from people of Giotto time. Writers, Giovanni Boccaccio, and Giovanni Vilanni raved over the excellence of Giotto’s work. They thought his ability to depict the human form was astonishing. The site has actually accounts of what they said, but of course, it was translated into English. The writer of the article, Bryan C. Keene, explained one of the paintings and how Giotto chose variations of color help to shape the ladies. Cimabue is thought to be the one to train Giotto to become the artist he became.

I’ve been talking about this guy, Giotto so let me inform you a bit about him. He’s always been an artist since he was a young boy. Apparently, he was growing a sheep on a rock one day, when Cimabue was walking by and saw his work. Cimabue was impressed with his and asked his father if he could be his apprentice. After, being trained by Cimabue he found his style. He started working on some of the most famous artworks. In his late years, he slowed down. Three years before his death he was asked to be the chief architect of Florence and began building the Florence Cathedral. He died at age 70 in 1337, which I think is pretty long for Renainsse time.

Giotto made a pathway for many more like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Filippo Brunelleschi, and many more. He was truly a legend in the art world. He still has people in awe of his work and lining up to see it.

giottogiotto 2

Interior of The Arena Chapel, 1305-1306

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